We take responsibility

For the environment, employees, customers and partners as well as the common good and fair opportunities

As an owner-managed family company with a focus on mechanical engineering and innovative solutions in the context of sheet metal processing, we are aware of the importance of prudent corporate management.
With strong regional roots, we think both globally and sustainably and take responsibility for our environment, employees, customers and partners. In addition, we take care to ensure the common good and offer fair opportunities for everyone in our day-to-day activities.

for sustainability, environmental protection and climate protection

We make an important ecological contribution by enabling our customers to manufacture more efficiently and sustainably. 

But in our internal daily processes and work, our environment, climate and resources are also important concerns. We adhere to the applicable legal framework and requirements. In addition, we strive to continuously improve our environmental and energy performance in order to make an effective contribution towards conserving resources and protecting the environment. 

We promote the environmental awareness of our employees, reduce waste and rely on climate-friendly energy and mobility. We use electricity that is 100% generated from renewable sources. The expansion of future-proof mobility in our vehicle fleet is progressing and we already have several e-charging stations that have been installed on the company car park. We pay greater attention to recycling and reusable use in all areas of the company. 

Sustainability also plays an important role in the supply chain. We expect corporate management that is just as prudent from our partners. We select our purchases and suppliers based on appropriate performance and environmental criteria.

for ethical values, fair working conditions and human rights

Our employees are the heart of our company. They stand behind our solutions & services and as such, behind our success.
For us, fair working conditions and compliance with international standards governing employment law and human rights are essential.
Likewise, we comply with applicable anti-corruption and anti-trust regulations. 

The health and safety of our employees is of strategic importance. We comply with the legal requirements and maintain high standards in the field of occupational health and safety. A holistic occupational health management system is the basis for this.

Data security is also of great importance. All information, especially personal information, and information relating to our customers, business partners, employees and our own company is treated as strictly confidential and protected by appropriate technical and organisational measures. 

Flat hierarchies, short decision-making pathways and direct and personal contact are just some of the values we live out within our family-run company. This happens through regular meetings in all areas of the company. Team spirit, social dialogue and collegial interaction are very important to us. 

We encourage our employees to work freely within their area of responsibility and give them room for new ideas. We expand the qualifications and promote the motivation of our employees through further training opportunities and intensive involvement in the design of company processes. 

We make it easier for our employees to reconcile their professional and private lives through flexible working models, part-time and home office arrangements and support with childcare.
In addition, we offer a performance-oriented and competitive salary as well as numerous fringe benefits such as a company pension scheme, direct insurance, health promotion etc. 

In addition, we are committed to social projects and social welfare outside the company, e.g. We make regular donations to charitable institutions in our region.

For ease of reading, we have refrained from using masculine, feminine and non-gender terms for occupations / job descriptions. We would like to point out that the use of the masculine form includes the feminine as well as the non-gender form.

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