Standardization of our feed tables

Different systems, different feed tables: This has been the normal case with our machines and solutions up to now.

As part of our WT2025+ strategy, we are actively shaping the future of our company. One internal optimization project in this context is the topic of "modularization": With modular products, we want to act more flexibly in the future and be able to fulfill customer requirements more directly.

This also includes the feed tables: Employees from design, production and purchasing at Weil Technolgoy have been thinking about standardization. After all, the seven variants of feed tables that had been in common use up to that point had clearly noticeable differences in design and costing.

The result is something to be proud of: After the kick-off workshop, the mechanical design department conceived and worked out in detail a master model of a unified feed table. It is currently being implemented for the first time as part of the production of a new plant at our Müllheim site.
One of the advantages is the use of more common parts, which also enables faster spare parts procurement.

Look forward with us to the new standard module feed table for your production line from Weil Technology.

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