Review: hy-fcell 2023

hy-fcell on September 13 and 14 in Stuttgart

The hy-fcell 2023 in Stuttgart was a very popular presentation area for the German Fuel Cell Cooperation (GFC). Numerous trade visitors came to the booth and the presentations in the Speakers' Corner to find out about the possibilities of efficient production of metallic bipolar plates.

Among the visitors was State Secretary Dr. Patrick Rapp (MdL) from the Ministry of Economics, Labour and Tourism. During their political tour, he and his delegation gained an impression of the exhibiting companies and institutions as well as the news of their industry. They were given a detailed explanation of the descriptive presentation from stamped halfplates to laser-cut halfplates to laser-welded and subsequently coated bipolar plates at the GFC booth and were impressed by the possibilities of efficient production of metallic bipolar plates from metal strip to fuel cell or electrolyser stack on the equipment developed by GFC.

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