Manufacturing high-quality vessels productively

Innovative and efficient solutions for laser welding of vessels such as boilers, water storage tanks, compressed air tanks or fire extinguishers

You want to produce vessels efficiently?
Made of stainless steel or mild steel?
For example hot water tanks, buffer tanks, expansion tanks, compressed air tanks or fire extinguishers?
In medium or large batch sizes?

With our machines you will be ahead of the competition!

Your benefits with our solutions:
> Less deformation on the shell due to lower heat exposure during laser welding of the longitudinal seam
> Higher productivity due to laser welding speeds of up to 6 m/min
> For the first time, production of tubes in sheet thicknesses of up to 3.5 mm in a continuous process
> Significant reduction in scrap with no leaks and thus no rework in the T-joint area
> Better conditions for internal coating (e.g. enameling) due to butt welds
> Cost savings compared to conventional welding processes (e.g. MAG) due to lower consumption of filler wire
> 35 years of experience with laser welding applications.
> Proven solutions in the field of laser-welded pressure vessels with worldwide installations since 2001

Read more about Weil Technology's fully automated welding process solution for the efficient production of components for affordable heat pumps and buffer storage tanks in the technical article from blechnet und Maschinenmarkt, issue 06-2023 (Source: Vogel Medien)

Our solutions for semi-automatic or fully automatic orbital welding

NEW: Variostar
Variostar is a fully automatic production line for the efficient manufacture of high-quality tubes that can also function as shells for vessels such as boilers, water or buffer tanks. The line includes a flexible roll bending station and a continuous longitudinal laser welding station, which adjust fully automatically without tool changes for diameters from 80 to 630 mm. The special feature: With the Variostar, tubes in a sheet thickness range of up to 3.5 mm can be produced highly efficiently in a continuous process for the first time. In addition to the diameter range of 80 - 630 mm, Variostar covers tube lengths of up to 2000 mm and material thicknesses of up to 3.5 mm. Because the seams are butt laser-welded, they are joined precisely and cleanly and are therefore highly corrosion-resistant. No tooling means quick changeovers.
Reduce your cycle times by up to 5 times with the Variostar's innovative system technology and process engineering!

MBF 300 (600)
The MBF 300 (600) orbital welding station is ideal for laser butt welding of the two domes to the shell of a pressure vessel. Proven clamping devices as well as seam tracking ensure the best welding results. It features short changeover times and the possibility to automate the loading of heads and shell as well as the unloading of the welded vessel. Depending on the machine version, diameters of up to 300 mm or 630 mm can be welded. Different welding methods can be offered upon customer request, e.g. laser, laser MAG hybrid or laser TIG hybrid. With one MBF 300 (600) station up to 120 (60) containers/hour can be produced. Adding a 2nd MBF station doubles the output.
The MBF can be interlinked with Variostar or Flexistar to create a fully automatic line.

Our solutions for semi-automatic shell production in medium and high batch sizes

As a compact and economical production cell, the Ecomaster is efficient when it comes to producing vessel shells with diameters up to 220 mm, material thicknesses up to 2 mm and heights up to 600 mm. It consists of an automatic multi-roller roll forming station and a continuous welding station. The Ecomaster can be equipped with a TIG or laser welding source and is designed as a production center for medium and high batch sizes with a capacity of up to 240 shells/hour.

The proven Flexistar concept is a flexible production line for thin-walled tubes up to a maximum thickness of 1.2 mm, diameters up to 630 mm and tube lengths up to 2000 mm. As a compact machine combining multi-roller roll forming and a continuous laser welding station, Flexistar does not require a tool change when changing the tube diameter. Flexistar can be expanded with a CTL line, a 2D laser cutting station, and a beading station for tune ends. The Flexistar line can produce up to 120 tubes/hour.

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