Container production

We can also make an influential contribution to the economic success of container manufacturing with our solutions & services

Economic solutions for container production

In the production of containers, economic success is achieved through a fully automated manufacturing process that makes optimum use of production space and cycle time. By combining laser technology with proven MSG technology, three times as many containers can be produced in the same unit of time in a smaller area with fewer personnel. In addition, material usage and rework efforts are reduced with a nevertheless higher quality. Our machines and systems offer the advantage of guaranteeing a high output with low manpower requirements at the same time.

Selection of products manufactured on our machines and equipment in the field of container production


Pressure vessels

Fire extinguisher

Fire extinguishers

Complete fire extinguisher and the individual parts required for its manufacture

Fire extinguisher parts

Cut open self-cooling beer keg

Self cooling beer keg

Challenges of the industry

  • Variable
    A compact cylinder/jacket production line on a single platform combining roll-forming and laser welding

  • Flexibility
    Our Technology does not require any tooling when cylinder-length and diameter changes.
    This unique feature enables the alternating production of different diameters.

  • Modular automation
    Blanks from stacks or coil are possible on the infeed side. Automatic inline quality control can be easily integrated

  • Your general advantages:

    • NC controlled tube diameter change
    • Optimized material flow
    • Reduced inventory
    • Elimination of stockpiling parts
    • Batch oriented and flexible production

  • Why is Weil Technology the solution for you?

    • Solid investment into the technology of the future
    • High productivity and availability with minimum manpower
    • Highest weld seam quality due to innovative and economical laser weld source
    • Ideal material flow from blank (coil) to the finished product
    • Compact machine layout, reduced floor space foot print
    • Simple operation due to parameter- and program control – Easy to use
    • Short cycle times - due to easy and programmable part changes

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