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The intelligent combination of forming and laser technology allows our solutions to be used for a wide range of household appliances

Efficient manufacturing solutions for the household appliances industry

For the production of household appliances, high product quality combined with low manufacturing costs is the decisive success factor. The use of stainless steel in household appliances is not only for aesthetic reasons. Corrosion resistance, durability under different temperature influences and hygiene play an important role. Stainless steel also has excellent welding properties, good formability and machinability, and is available in various finishes. All in all, high product quality can be achieved at low material costs. Our machines and lines offer an intelligent combination of forming and laser technology for this purpose.

Selection of products manufactured on our machines and equipment in the field of home appliances

Oven slide-out

Oven drawer

dishwasher inner housing

Dishwasher inner housing

Tumble dryer interior

Dryer drum

Washing machine interior

Washing machine drum

Challenges of the industry

  • Heavy Wear
    Household appliance parts such as washing machine drums, dryer drums, or dishwasher inner housings are made of thin stainless steel that must withstand regular and long use. Our equipment enables durable end products to be manufactured using laser technology.

  • High quality stainless steel/saving potential
    Aggressive cleaning agents and salts require corrosion-resistant and high-quality stainless steel. This is not only for aesthetic reasons. The durability under different temperature influences and hygiene play an important role. Weil Technology has developed machines that make it possible, for cost efficiency reasons, to combine and use different material qualities as required to form a housing.

  • Short cycle times
    With a high degree of automation, we can support short cycle times. With our machines and their capabilities, development can be rethought. We offer systems not only as stand-alone machines, but also realize individually automated turnkey solutions according to your requirements.

  • High quality welds required
    Washing machine drums must be smooth from the inside so that the laundry is not damaged. We can butt weld from a material thickness of 0.2 mm. The seam is smooth, crevice corrosion cannot occur, water does not remain and rust does not occur.

  • Cut Fusion
    CutFusion enables laser cutting (Cut) and laser welding (Fusion) in one clamping solution. Complex manufacturing processes are combined and open up solution possibilities that were previously inconceivable in individual steps. In system technology, FLC CutFusion as a Flexible Laser Solution opens up new potential for 3D processing. It offers the possibility of using up to three different laser processing optics (welding optics, cutting optics, 360° rotation optics, scanner optics) in one clamping solution.

  • Your general advantages:

    • Durable end products
    • High quality weld seams
    • Short cycle times
    • High flexibility
    • Minimum setup times

  • Why is Weil Technology the solution for you?

    • Two different materials/qualities can be formed into a tube or a housing on our machines.
    • We not only offer stand-alone machines, but can realize individually automated turn-key solutions according to your requirements.
    • We can butt weld very thin sheets.
    • In the CutFusion process, laser cutting and welding are combined in one system with up to three laser processing optics in one clamping solution.

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