Production line for stamped radiator fins with positioning system for multi-line applications

Highly precise stamping results thanks to newly developed exact strip positioning

Do you want to manufacture radiator fins with high precision?

In the SEP stamping system, complex fins can be precisely formed in fully automated production from the belt in a single or up to six-lane stamping process. Thanks to the tool technology, their shape is optimised for ideal thermal conductivity.

Depending on the fin design and the number of tracks, offset fins with a stamping speed of up to 400 strokes per minute are produced on Schaal Technology's stamping machines using a newly developed process-optimised strip positioning system. Multiple checks by the camera system further improve the continuous process. The positioning unit has a modular design and can be used for one to six coils. A great deal of attention was paid to quick changeover of the individual positioning units.

In order to position the individual moulded strips precisely in relation to each other, we have reached another milestone with our latest new development for strip positioning in the forming and separating cut of fin systems. Sascha Schieber, Area Sales Manager at Schaal, explains the details in the video.

You can also read the specialist article by Gerhard Maier, Editor-in-Chief of Schl├╝tersche, in Blech online, p. 22 and 23:

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Download: Onepager Fin Forming

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