Efficient manufacturing solutions in the market of heating-ventilation-climate

A wide variety of components are required for the production of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Our machines enable you to manufacture a wide range of these components - in optimum quality, with high profitability and in smooth processes. Whether tubes, hot water tanks or T-pieces: The production of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems sometimes requires a wide variety of components. Our machines enable you to manufacture a wide range of these components - in optimum quality, with high profitability and using smooth processes. To achieve this, we combine all the necessary work steps in our systems on request - from sheet metal forming to joining and cutting by laser to tube end forming and marking.

Selection of products manufactured on our machines and equipment in the field of heating-ventilation-climate

Various parts for a chimney pipe

Chimney tubes

Chimney closure

Chimney closure

Ventilation tube

Ventilation tube

Burner tube

Burner tube

Challenges of the industry

  • Energy transition
    The energy transition in general and the trend towards switching from gas heating to alternative fuels are currently influencing the chimney tube market.
  • Rising prices
    Rising material costs (steel prices), labor costs and thus overall production costs are making economical tube production difficult.
  • Shortage of workforce
    E.g. lack of welders complicates the production situation.
  • Need for fully automated solutions
    To remain competitive, fully automated production lines are the solution in flexible and (at the same time) efficient tube production.
  • Your general advantages:

    • Maximum flexibility in your production due to a flexible roll-forming and tube clamping system
    • High machine availability due to short change-over times
    • No additional costs for clamping toolings
    • Available with different welding sources (TIG, Plasma or LASER)
    • High quality welds and low scrap ratio due to a fully automated tube clamping process
    • Compact design, small foot print required
    • Entry-package solution with budget-friendly investment costs
    • Proven solution within the HVAC industry for tube production of small and medium batch sizes
    • Top weld seam quality thanks to laser welding technology and innovative tube clamping system
    • Simple operation through parameter and program control - easy to use
    • Most economical solution for production of medium and large batch sizes
    • Investment in an innovative technology and proven solutions within the HVAC industry

  • Why is Weil Technology the solution for you?

    • Tailor-made and proven solutions for the HVAC industry from a market leader
    • Innovative solutions for a flexible production of laser welded HVAC tubes 
    • High productivity and low scrap ratio solutions thanks to laser welding technology
    • More than 30 years of experience with laser welding of tubes for HVAC
    • More than 60 Flexistar production lines for HVAC tubes supplied worldwide 
    • Turnkey solutions for the HVAC industry thanks to cooperation with NOVATEC Engineering

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