Production of bipolar plates - as prototypes and in series

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Machine technology has a major influence on the lifetime, quality and cost of a metallic bipolar plate. A wide range of requirements must be met during production.

Laser cutting and welding offer many advantages for cutting and joining. However, it depends on welding speed, process window and clamping situation that the series production becomes efficient and meets all quality criteria.

One system with two scanner optics in simultaneous processing
The maximum welding speed is limited by humping. In order to nevertheless enable high welding speeds for formed material in series production, we manufacture with  dual field scanner technology: the patented welding module ensures higher process stability while simultaneously doubling the welding speed. Both are essential criteria for series production.
In addition to the high absolute welding speed of 1000 mm/s, the dual-field scanner technology offers further advantages:
•      Large usable working range of 500 x 350 mm
•      „Butterfly-Weld“: Symmetrical heat input due to intelligent welding sequence
•      Static overall system for high contour accuracy and reproducibility

Automated clamping technology
One of the greatest challenges in mastering the welding process lies in the suitable clamping technology: here we have developed our own automated clamping technology.
It ensures:
•      A reproducible clamping process for laser welding
•      Uniform pressure distribution in the mold
•      Positioning and high reproducibility with innovative centering
•      Short closing times
•      Fast setup changes


We are ready
Together with our partners VON ARDENNE and ZELTWANGER, in the German Fuel Cell Cooperation we offer bundled knowledge in the entire manufacturing process from metal strip via bipolar plate to fuel cell stack.

We are happy to implement your projects together with you
•      Plant engineering for the series production of metallic bipolar plates
•      Pre-validation on a prototype process comparable to series production
•      Construction of shortstacks and stacks for demonstration and testing (up to several thousand panels)

Your benefits
•      High process reliability with bundled know-how for every production step
•      Short time-to-market: Fast concept and quotation submission and efficient commissioning thanks to predefined hardware and software interfaces
•      Fully automated and chained production lines with coordinated plant technology and interfaces

Artikel über Effiziente Fertigungslinie für Bipolarplatten in der Zeitschrift Maschinenbau

Efficient production line for bipolar plates
A report on the complete line of the German Fuel Cell Cooperation in maschinenbau, Die Deutschlandausgabe des Schweizer Industriemagazins, 2/2023 (Source: Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden GmbH)

Read here

Our services in prototype production
Our own LCC laboratory facility especially for laser welding of the metallic bipolar plate is located in Müllheim.

Your benefits
•      Contour cutting of the individual plates by laser
•      Laser welding of the bipolar plates (PEM, SOEC, SOFC)
•      Laser welding of balance of plant (BoP) components
•      Leak test via our technology partner
•      Design and manufacture of the clamping device

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