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Flexible laser solutions

Onepager MLC


Modular system technology for laser cutting and welding, as well as the integration
capability of additional production technologies with the highest degree of automation

Onepager FLC


Laser cutting and welding in one machine for three-dimensional machining
with maximum precision

Onepager LCC


Laser cutting cell for highly dynamic 2D- and 2 ½D machining

Onepager LWC


Multi-axis laser welding cells with intelligent tool concepts

Onepager LWM


Laser welding modules for assembly and welding tasks for the production of complex


Onepager Flexmaster


The single-station welding system for maximum flexibility in tube production for small to
medium batch sizes

Onepager LRSA 250


The compact 2-station tube welding machine for maximum output

Onepager Tubestar


Continuous tube welding machine integrated into a fully automatic production system
for short tubes

Roll forming

Onepager Multiroller


The NC-controlled multiroller rounding machine produces tubes of different diameters without mechanical retooling


Automatic NC-controlled 2-roll roll-forming machine, suitable for integration into an automated production line

Roll forming and welding

Onepager Variostar


Fully automatic production of high-quality tubes with a thickness of up to 3.5 mm

Onepager Twinmaster


Combination of roll forming and welding machine in one system

Onepager Flexistar


Innovative flexible production line for the manufacture of thin-walled quality tubes

Onepager Ecostar


Evolution in economical tube production for wall thicknesses up to 2 mm

Onepager Ecomaster


Production centre for medium short tubes with integrated multi-roll rounding machine

Onepager Tube prduction center

Tube production center

The interlinking of the standalone systems (roll forming and welding) creates a production centre for tubes through automation

Onepager Tube cutting machine

Tube cutter

Laser tube cutting machine for thin-walled tubes with large diameters and for cutting
bar material to length

Onepager Tube end processing

Tube end forming

Advancing into new dimensions of tube end processing in connection with flexible
tube production lines

Films of our machines


Efficient laser cutting and welding of sheet metal assemblies: all in one system. With our flexible laser cell, we can laser cut and laser weld in one machine.


Laser welding machine for chimney and ventilation tubes. The Flexistar is a flexible tube forming and laser welding machine for short tube production, which can change the diameter automatically after each round and welding pass cycle without losing production time.


Fully automatic production of round, oval and rectangular tubes.


Production of laser welded short tubes within an efficient manufacturing cell.

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