Flexible laser welding (and cutting) systems for
small, medium, and large volumes

In this online seminar you will get an overview and individual exchange about the benefits for your production.
Regardless of the industry or product you supply – exhaust, stamping, fabrication, appliance, or automotive – we have a solution for your current or future laser welding and cutting needs. Please join us for a short presentation of our machine capabilities and the advantages of laser welding on:

Date 03/08/2022
Times 10:00 AM - 10.30 AM EST
Language English
  • Our topics for you

    Are you looking to combine laser cutting and laser welding to decrease the number of operations in your manufacturing process?
    Are you struggling with the initial investment into a laser welding system because a project won’t justify a dedicated machine?
    Would a laser welding system be more justifiable if you could run multiple products?
    Would you like to find a machine that is flexible and you can easily change from product to product?
    Are you looking for a product specific laser welding solution for high volume applications?
    Are you looking to integrate laser welding into different manufacturing process like stamping or bending?

    If so, Weil Technology has a solution for all of your potential laser welding and cutting needs:
    High Flexibility – Low to Medium Output
    Medium Flexibility – Low to High Output
    Low Flexibility – High Output
    Combined laser welding and cutting in one machine

    How we do it…
    We have developed laser welding systems of a variety of products. We have helped our customers with their laser welding needs for a variety of product mixes and volumes. We have a solution for all your laser welding requirements – including laser cutting and welding in one machine.

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