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Welcome to Blechexpo 2023 in Stuttgart at our booths 1506 in Hall 1 at Weil Technology and 8218 in Hall 8 at Schaal Technology

There is currently a lot going on in the mobility and heat and energy management sectors. How do we successfully face the markets of the future? We will present answers to these questions at Blechexpo: Our main topics are, on the one hand, innovative manufacturing solutions in the field of (e-)mobility, which enable economical laser processing of cell housings, bipolar plates, electrical sheets and heat exchangers. Furthermore, we will be showing our highly efficient laser welding solutions, which are used to efficiently produce high-quality vessels such as boilers, water storage tanks or buffer tanks. Schaal Technology presents systems for forming and stamping all materials, from paper to spring steel.

Experience our solutions and services for innovative laser, clamping and automation technologies for sheet metal processing from November 7 to 10 at Blechexpo 2023 in Stuttgart.

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Our trade fair topics for you:

> Innovative manufacturing solutions for (e-)mobility

New mobility concepts require new manufacturing solutions. These are offered on the market by our innovative applications, especially in laser cutting and welding: laser cutting and welding of bipolar plates, laser cutting of electrical sheets, laser welding of stator packs, laser welding of high-voltage heaters, cell contacting by laser welding and punching of radiator fins for power coolers. In addition, our TechCenter, as part of the Development and Innovation division, offers advice on welding-compatible component design, investigations into process stability, development of laser-compatible clamping technology, validation of components and production of prototypes and pilot series.

Weil Technology, hall 1, booth 1506

> Systems for efficient vessel production

In the "age of the heat pump", the efficient production of high-quality containers made of stainless steel and black plate is an essential factor in the segment of energy and heat management. Here, our systems for round bending and welding with sophisticated clamping technology offer proven flexibility and quality as well as innovative individual solutions. Our systems are way ahead of the competition, be it in the circumferential welding of tubes or the shell-to-bottom production of high-quality (pressure) vessels. For example, with the Variostar, tubes with a sheet thickness of up to 3.5 mm can be produced highly efficiently in a continuous process for the first time.

Weil Technology, hall 1, booth 1506

> Presses for stamping all materials, from paper to spring steel, from series to special equipment

System solutions for pressing and stamping from Schaal Technology stand for flexible, efficient and therefore economical production. The main areas of application are in the mobility, electrical industry and medical technology markets.
In addition to the series production systems, Schaal Technology offers individual customer-specific special solutions. In the field of e-mobility, the automatic stamping machines from Schaal Technology enable the economical production of contact elements for small and medium quantities.

Schaal Technology, hall 8, booth 8218

> Experience a Schaal Technology SEP 25 live at Blechexpo:

At Unidor, our partner for tool and process monitoring, you can see the SEP 25 automatic stamping press in operation during production: Unidor will be showing the entire spectrum of monitoring in the stamping process using sensors and cameras. Process data is visualized on a large screen via an OPC UA interface.

UNIDOR TRsystems GmbH, hall 6, booth 6313

Also visit our lectures in the specialist forums at Blechexpo:

> Production solutions for tank production – laser cylinder welding & laser dome welding

Heating is by far the largest emitter of carbon dioxide in the household. To reduce this, heating systems are being converted to heat pumps. In order for the changeover to heat pump technology to succeed, today's manufacturing processes must be automated and designed for short cycle times. With the fully automated production for storage solutions, jackets for water storage tanks in the required diameter range of 350 mm to 630 mm can be manufactured in short cycle times. With the help of innovative analogue technology and process technology with lasers, the cycle times could be reduced by up to 5 times.

Dr. Thomas Blum
Area Sales Manager at Weil Technology, Müllheim
November 7, 02:40 – 03:20 p.m. CET
BEST Forum, hall 9, booth 9315FORUM

> Stamping applications of Schaal automatic stamping systems in e-mobility

A large number of contact elements are required for the increasingly common batteries, both in power tools and gardening equipment as well as in electric cars. Complete production facilities, if possible with the link to further processing systems, are the economic solution for this task.
The automatic punching machines from Schaal Technolog enable the economical production of contact elements for small and medium quantities. They are a good solution for this punching task due to their flexible use for punching forces of up to 1,000 kN and strip widths of up to 700 mm. Through Weil Technology and their know-how in automation and laser welding, we can also offer complete production facilities from the coil to the finished welded assembly.

Sascha Schieber
Sales Manager at Schaal Technology, Salach
November 7, 01:20 bis 02:00 p.m CET
Stamping Forum in front of hall 4, booth 1FO-01FORUM

We would be happy to provide you with detailed information on our systems and solutions.

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