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Visit us at Battery Show North America

Welcome to the Battery Show North America

We are pleased to be at the Battery Show North America in Novi, Michigan from September 13th –15th. Visit us at our booth SCS/1336 in the German Pavilion and experience our solutions and services with innovative laser, clamping and automation technologies for sheet metal processing.

New drive technologies require new components and manufacturing processes. At the Battery Show we will present our applications around e-mobility.
Our topics for you:

> Manufacturing equipment for metallic bipolar plates and balance of plant components
We support fuel cell applications through innovative equipment technology for the production of metallic bipolar plates for fuel cell systems and electrolysers. Our manufacturing solution for PEMFC, PEMEC, SOFC and SOEC relies on innovative laser scanning technology.

>  Manufacturing equipment for laser welding of battery cell contacts
The contacting of battery cells by laser is very precise and effective. The advantages of our system for your production are the short processing time, the low energy input and the very high consistency of the welding depth.

Welcome to our booth SCS/1336 in the German Pavilion!
Novi (Detroit area), MI, USA, September 13th – 15th

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