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Visit us at ALAW

Welcome to the Advanced Lasers Applications Workshop

We are looking forward to being on site at the 29th annual Advanced Laser Application Workshop (ALAW) at The Inn at St. John’s in Plymouth (Detroit), Michigan, June 7 – 9, 2022.

 These are our topics for you:

> Flexible Laser Solutions
In the field of sheet metal processing and assemblies different batch sizes and fluctuating incoming orders currently characterize production. Our solution for increased added value is called Flexible Laser Solutions: variable system technology for efficient laser welding and cutting of sheet metal assemblies with individual concepts.

> Flexmaster
Flexmaster is a single-station welding system for maximum flexibility in tube production for small to medium batch sizes. The patented clamping belt system enables precise and reproducible clamping without the need for a diameterspecific tool: round, oval, polygonal. The highlevel accuracy of the joining and clamping process guarantees consistent quality in automated welding processes.

> Flexistar
The tried-and-tested Flexistar concept is a high-quality patented tube production line for thin-walled material. As a compact tube production center in one system – combining multiroller and laser welding equipment – Flexistar does not require any change parts when changing length or diameter. This enables the production of two different diameters in alternation (e.g. inner – outer tube), as required for insulated chimney tubes or multi-layer bellows.

Welcome to our booth!
Plymouth (Detroit area), MI, USA, June 7th – 9th

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