Our value-adding production solutions are deployed in future-oriented industries.

Markets where our solutions are used


The automotive sector is one of the most important sales markets for our customers. To satisfy the high demands of the automotive industry, suppliers are continuously working on optimizing their processes and products. We support you in implementing these improvements with our machines and systems. Our experts are also at your disposal with a broad range of consulting and other services. These include services such as process analyses, feasibility studies and prototyping. These serve as the basis for recognizing potential, optimizing your production and meeting the core challenges of the industry, and for breaking new ground together.

Products manufactured on our machines and systems in the mobility sector:

Laser-welded sheet metal assemblies

Exhaust gas valves

Structural components

Engine and transmission components

Electric motor housing


Catalyst housing and DPF

Functional components

Clutch and brake components

Cell housings/contacts

Electrical sheets

Bipolar plates

Heat exchangers / high-voltage heaters


Whether pipes, hot water tanks or T-pieces: The production of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems often requires a wide variety of components. A large number of these components can be produced on our machines - in the highest quality, with high profitability and smooth processes. To achieve this, we are able to combine all the necessary work steps in our systems on request – from sheet metal forming, joining and cutting by laser to pipe end processing and marking.

Products that our machines and systems are used for manufacturing in the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning:

Chimney pipes

Chimney and stove pipes

Ventilation pipes


Container bodies

Pressure vessels

Burner tubes

Expansion valves

Home appliances

The incorporation of stainless steel in household appliances does not only have aesthetic reasons. It has all the necessary properties for this field of application. It is corrosion-resistant, temperature-resistant, durable and hygienic. Stainless steel also has superior welding properties, excellent formability and machinability and is available in various finishes. In sum one can realize high product quality at low material costs.

The intelligent combination of forming and laser technology makes it possible to use our solutions for a wide range of household appliances:

Inner housing of ovens

Inner housing of washing machines

Inner housing of dishwashers

Washing machine drums

Dryer drums


Drawer slides


Thanks to our fast cycle times to handle high volumes, flexibility in the dimensions of the product to be manufactured and high production quality, we have succeeded in convincing many other customers in the metalworking industry. Products manufactured on our machines and systems in the metalworking sector:

Technical springs

Punched and bent parts



Electrical contact springs

Cooling fins

Filter tubes

Transport pipes

Saw blades

Knife blades

Coil joiners

Container production

We can also contribute decisively to our customers’ economic success with our solutions and services for the production of containers. A fully automated manufacturing process in a compact system makes optimum use of production space as well as cycle times: Combining laser technology with proven MSG technology makes it possible to produce three times more containers within the same time unit in a smaller area with less manpower. What’s more, the amount of material used and the amount of reworking is reduced, while still delivering higher quality. Products manufactured on our machines and systems in the container industry:

Fire extinguisher casings

Fire extinguishers


Heat exchanger tank casing

Pressure vessels

Container body of barrels

Hot water tanks

Other markets

In addition to the markets we have already mentioned, our machines and systems are also deployed in sectors such as consumers goods, electrical industry, plastics industry, mold making, agricultural engineering, aerospace, construction, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and packaging industry. The following products are manufactured on our machines and systems:

Door handles

Table profiles


Electrical components

Electrical contact springs

Inner housings


Caps medicine bottles

Bulk material pipes

Sewage pipes

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